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Welcome to Abandoned-France

Est. 24/12/2009. Last Updated. 01/06/2014 - Click to see Updates

My name is John and this website you are currently viewing is my personal website, mostly dedicated to my visits around the regions of France looking for different chateaus/abbeys from show winning to complete ruins and other buildings left in a state of abandonment. I started to document my finds in 2007 as I found nowhere that puts both urban exploration and castles and abandoned vehicles all together, armed with my camera (I have a small habit of breaking afew) I seek out the forgotten lost treasures of France.

For me there is nothing more exciting than stumbling upon an old building left after many years of neglect but from the very moment you enter, you can feel it's warmth and read into the story that the four walls surrounding you are trying to share.

I have put a lot of hard work into finding the places you'll see listed on this site, whick now hosts over 10,000 pictures over 350 locations, some simply found on the days of travels, others after a few weeks of careful research before finally investigating the location further, all I can recommend is to seek out these beautiful places yourself and enjoy them, before all they become is a another part of forgotten French history.

I am a keen photographer although maybe not the best one, I do however enjoy my work and enjoy sharing it, whether it be a ruin or a stunning rebuilt chateau, if you own a chateau and want it listed (free of cause) please email us.

All content on this site (except the history section) are as taken by myself, Theft and Criminal Damage are both a crime which could result in a fine or imprisonment or if your really unlucky both so please remember, Take only Pictures, Leave only Footprints.

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One Off Articles - Route de Richard Coeur de Lion, Castles of the Cathars

Admin's Recommendations

Chateau de Pont-Remy

A very sad end to what was the most glorious building known in the urbex world as Chateau-Clochard, it was sadly burnt to the ground in 2012 stopping any planned future preservation work.

Read more

Chateau de l'Herm

Built at the end of XVth century, the Chateau de l'Herm was abandoned following many crimes including murder. I was very lucky to have a open all area visit by the castles owner.

Read more - revisited 2013

Chateau de Jovelle

A stunning old fort in the heart of the dordogne, a chateau of the XIIIth and XIVth century, an old home with photos of past memories and joys now forgotten to time.

Read more - revisited 2013

Forge du Fraisse of Gandumas

All the signs point towards an old mill but this building is a lot more than that. A chateau dating from the XVIIth century that no records survive or is it just my imagination.

Read more - revisited 2012

Chateau de Bagnac

A beautiful if somewhat forgotten chateau based in the Haute-Vienne. This XIXth century chateau is unique in style but seems to be at risk to becoming just another lost piece of history.

2008/2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012

Oradour-sur-Glane - Village Martyr

Once a busy town on the old main train route towards Limoges, itself along with many others suffered during WW2 at the hands of oposing forces, this one now a memorial to the 600+ who lost their lives in this small town alone.

Read more - revisited 2013
Wattelez - Limoges

Whilst industry's come and go, its what they leave behind that counts, this site abandoned for more than 20 years, is classed as one of the most polluted sites in the Haute-Vienne.

Read more - 2012 - 2013
Eglise Notre-Dame du Bon Secours

Beautiful Church ruin based in the Haute-Vienne, which sits on the 730m summit of Mont Gargan.

Read more
Fortified City of Carcassonne

A city which for many years time had forgot and once was earmarked for demolition.

Read more - revisited 2011
Abandoned Hamlet of Courbefy

With its XIIIth century chateau (in ruin) and its small hamlet, Courbefy was habited up until the 1970's when attempts were made to turn this hamlet into a holiday park, sadly it failed.

Read more also the Chateau de Courbefy - Revisited 2013
Abandoned Baths of Sylvanes

It is said that baths have been in this location since the Romans, these buildings dating from the XVIIth/XVIIIth century, show of great times since lost.

Read more
Le Toit de Chaume

As you approach you can smell the aroma of food cooking on the open chargrille fire, book a room, maybe even have a go in the swimming pool.

Read more
The Schlumpf Collection

The biggest car museum in Europe with over 500 cars and is known as the largest collection of Bugatti's anywhere in the world, and to top it off it at one stage this was all abandoned.

Read more
Chateau de Villedieu sur Indre

It was James Brown, An Englishman, who in 1823 modified the chateau to what it is now, after the family Montalivet owned the chateau until 1922, then it's downward spiral started.

Read more

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