Name - Chateau de Lagarde
Location - Lagarde
Department - Ariege 09
State - Chateau Ruin

The Chateau de Lagarde is a ruined castle situated near the village of Lagarde, 8 km (5 miles) southeast of Mirepoix in the French departement of Ariege.


The Chateau de Lagarde is an imposing medieval building constructed in the 11th century with the first square tower (1063/1065) by Ramiro I, King of Aragon and Count of Barcelona.

The beautiful ruins of the Chateau de Lagarde, now surrounded by its village houses, but it never used to be this way, these cards are illustrating ideas maybe dating back as far as 300 years ago and show this chateau very much in a different light.

Today getting close to the entrance is much harder due to vegetation and a narrow drawbridge, how it must of been so different talking the long walk finally reaching this building of architectural beauty.

As it used to be.